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Gone are the days where the only options for getting rid of a used car were selling it privately through the small ads in the local newspaper, or trading it in at the dealer when you went to choose a newer model. New companies entered the market about 15 years ago, and now you have more options than ever to get rid of your own cars. One of the biggest operators in the UK is We Buy Any Car, which was founded in 2006 to offer customers a new, simpler way of selling any vehicle.

Although We Buy Any Car started small, in the first three years of their operation, the company had already bought 100,000 cars and started to advertise nationally on television using eye-catching adverts – remember the breakdancing newsreader? The company expanded into operating 100 branches across the UK by 2009, and in 2010 diversified into buying commercial vehicles too, through its sister brand WeBuyAnyVan. The founders of the business sold it in 2013 to BCA, better known as British Car Auctions. This might give you a clue about what happens to many of the vehicles which are sold to the company. By September 2020, the company announced that it has just completed the purchase of its 2 millionth vehicle.

Experts agree that one of the main reasons for the success of We Buy Any Car in the early days was its advertising strategy. The brand focused on creating repetitive slogans and jingles, and over the years have used big names such as Phillip Schofield and James Corden as the faces of their advertising campaigns on both radio and television.

We Buy Any Car UK

We Buy Any Car is, without doubt, the best-known and largest car buying service in the UK. Since the company launched in 2006, they have bought over 2 million vehicles from drivers in the UK, and changed the way the market for second hand vehicles works completely. The company aims to take the mystery and hassle out of selling a car, offering valuations in seconds and the ability to sell any car through one of their branches in around 30 minutes. The process for selling a car through We Buy Any Car has only three steps and is all about making the sales process safe, quick and convenient for the seller. We Buy Any Car remove the difficulties associated with a private sale – the advertising, presenting the car for sale, dealing with the people who are genuinely interested in buying as well as the time wasters. Part-exchange isn’t the hassle-free option either, given that so many people are uncomfortable with the idea of haggling with a car salesperson over the value.

We Buy Any Car have 475 branches across the UK and are present in most towns and cities. Their extensive network and over 700 employees should ensure that there is a branch of the company not far from you should you choose to sell your car through We Buy Any Car. It’s easy to find your nearest office by entering your postcode on the company website.

Sell Your Car to We Buy Any Car For Cash

As the advert tells you, all you need to get a value for your car from We Buy Any Car is the registration number. Enter the number on their website, and the value will be displayed almost instantly. It’s easy and free to check the value of the car, but there are a few things which you should be aware of at the time of getting a valuation

Why Should I Sell My Car With We Buy Any Car?

There are other similar services to We Buy Any Car around, and many of the main dealers have started to offer the service too, in recognition of We Buy Any Car’s success. So what advantages do We Buy Any Car have over the competition? The first advantage is probably their online valuation tool, which has been designed to be as simple and quick to use as possible, with just the registration number and a few key details about mileage and condition. Many of the other services which offer a car-buying service can’t provide a quote as quickly as We Buy Any Car, which promises the process can be completed in just 30 seconds. The other main point in We Buy Any Car’s favour is its geographical reach. Research carried out by the company, as well as careful planning on where to locate their branches, means that on average, it takes just 13 minutes to drive to your nearest We Buy Any Car branch. The whole process, from getting your online quote, to booking the appointment, attending the appointment and selling your car, could in theory take less than an hour.

Simple and Speedy

We Buy Any Car has always tried to be quicker and easier than all of the other companies offering a similar service. They have engineered the sales process to remove as much of the hassle as possible. Their website is straightforward and easy to navigate, and getting a valuation online is free of charge. We Buy Any Car’s name describes exactly what the company pledge to do – buy any car from you, irrespective of the make, model, condition mileage or colour. In order to get the most accurate valuation online, take care to enter the details carefully when completing the online form. This ensures that you have the best chance of that price being honoured when you visit the branch. If you’re not clear about faults or mileage, then you may see the price offered being lowered at the branch after inspection. Why not enter your car’s registration number on We Buy Any Car’s website and see what it could be worth?

We Buy Any Car Valuations – What Might Affect My Car’s Value?

Valuing a car is not a simple process. There are many different factors which are all pulled together to arrive at the final price, including not just the basics such as age, condition and mileage, but also seasonal variables. It’s important to know what factors affect the price you are offered before taking your car along for the appointment. The main factors which affect the price you are offered for your car are:

The online valuation used by We Buy Any Car looks at all of these factors to offer you an accurate price. You will be asked to enter some details however, and you might need to gather together some information before you log in for your quote. As well as your basic personal details such as name, address, and telephone number, you’ll need to know the car’s registration number and an accurate mileage reading. You will also need to assess your vehicle for damage and be honest about any scratches and dents.

Although you can’t affect factors such as supply and demand in the marketplace, there are things which you can do to maximise your chances of getting a good price from We Buy Any Car. Before logging into the website for your valuation, or taking the car to the valuation appointment, ensure you have:

When you arrive at the We Buy Any Car branch office with your car, the valuation will be the same as the amount you have been offered online, as long as you have given the correct information. If you’ve mistyped the mileage, or not been honest about all of the dents and scratches on the body or wheels, then this will affect the amount that We Buy Any Car are able to offer you.

Modifications are one issue which can cause problems with a valuation, especially when the modifications have been done privately rather than through a main dealer. Something like tinted rear windows might result in a higher offer being made to the seller, as this modification can be seen as more desirable by potential buyers. However, other modifications such as spoilers or adjustments to suspension can negatively affect the price you are offered. Often there is no paper trail to show that these modifications have been carried out professionally, and in the worst-case scenario, could even invalidate the warranty on the car.

We Buy Any Car do not set any limits on the mileage of cars they are prepared to buy. A car with higher mileage is worth less not only because of the distance covered by the engine, but because the interior will have experienced more wear and tear than an identical car which has done fewer miles.

Scrap Cars and We Buy Any Car

We Buy Any Car – as the name tells you – will buy any car, even one which is no longer roadworthy, has failed a MOT test, or is falling to pieces. There are several reasons why using We Buy Any Car to offload your car for scrap is better than visiting the local scrap dealer. Firstly, We Buy Any Car cuts out the hassle of dealing with your local scrappage yard. Rather than driving around and speaking to dealers to explain the situation and negotiate a price, you can get a quote for the value of tour car in as little as 30 seconds from the comfort of your sofa. If you opt for their Premier Payment Service, which comes at an additional fee, you could even have the funds available in your bank account in 30 minutes.

Just as with selling a roadworthy car, there are lots of different factors which could affect what you are offered for your scrap car. The scrap metal market is also subject to seasonal fluctuations, and the market for parts which can be salvaged from any scrap car fluctuates too.

One of the main factors which affects what you will be offered for your scrap car is its size. A large people carrier will be worth more as scrap than a small city car, just because the people carrier is made from more metal than smaller vehicles. Your location might also come into play when the scrap value is calculated. If you live in a large city with lots of processing and recycling facilities, the price offered may be higher as the merchant has fewer costs associated with salvaging the valuable parts of the car.

There are lots of reasons why a driver may decide to scrap their car and We Buy Any Car won’t be interested in your motivations. The most common reason for scrapping a car is after an accident, because a car has been damaged beyond economical repair. In other cases, mechanical damage on the car means that it would cost far too much to repair. Whatever the reason, once you have made the decision to scrap it, enter its registration number on We Buy Any Car’s website to find out what it could be worth.

Once you have got the online value for your car, the next step is to make an appointment at the most convenient branch to complete the deal. This is easily done through the We Buy Any Car website. Just enter your postcode, and the site will return the details of the sites nearest to you. There’s no requirement to opt for the branch nearest to home either; you might choose to take it to a branch close to work, or another convenient location. After you have made your appointment, gather together the documentation you will be asked to bring with you. You will need the following paperwork to sell your car:

Most cars which are sold as scrap through We Buy Any Car will be bought by one of their network of scrap metal dealers. However, many vehicles which the owners think are only fit for scrap are successfully sold through an auction, and have a whole new lease of life after a bit of tender loving care from a new owner. As a seller, you don’t have to wait until someone purchases your car to receive payment. If you opt for the We Buy Any Car premium service, which comes at an additional cost, you can receive the money into your chosen bank account in 30 minutes after the price has been agreed. If you are not in rush to get the funds, then the standard service guarantees that the money will be in your bank account just four working days after the sale.

Mileage and Depreciation Considerations When Selling a Car to We Buy Any Car

The reason why a used car is worth less than a new one is down to a range of factors, the main one of which is depreciation. Depreciation is about the way in which a car’s value decreases over time. Depreciation depends on many factors such as the cost of the car when new, the miles it has done, and the condition.

One of the most important factors in depreciation is the mileage. If you were to find two cars which were completely identical in terms of service history, number of previous owners, specification and even colour, the one with the lowest mileage is going to be worth more. Miles on the clock add to the “wear and tear” on your car, not just on the engine and other moving parts, but on the interior too.

The average mileage for UK cars is around 8,000 miles per year. If your car is doing a much higher mileage than the average, then it will lose value much more quickly than a car with an owner who isn’t doing much driving at all. The used car industry in the UK group cars into mileage bands which changed every 20,000 miles. This is a useful way of thinking about value and mileage. Every time your car passes from one mileage bad into the next, another 20% of its value is lost.

Here's a quick example. Say you buy a brand-new car for £20,000. A few years later, it has clocked up 40,000 miles and you decide to sell it and get something else. Looking at just the mileage, the car should be worth around £12,800. Passing into the 20,000 mileage band wiped 20% off the new value, taking it from £20,000 to £16,000. When it reached the next milestone of 40,000 miles, that takes a further 20% off the previous value, so 20% off £16,000 which is £3200 and a new value of £12,800 and so on.

Mileage isn’t the sole factor which affects the price of the car. Over the time you have owned it, a car which has picked up damage will receive a lower valuation, as will one with a colour which has fallen out of fashion. Given the huge number of factors which can affect the price you are offered for a car, it is never wise to base your price expectations on just the mileage. Whatever your reasons for selling your current wheels, the starting point for any valuation is on the We Buy Any Car website, where you can enter a few basic details and get a valuation in less than a minute.

Selling Modified Vehicles Through We Buy Any Car

We all know someone whose hobby is tinkering around with cars, making subtle – or not so subtle – adjustments to the factory settings to increase its performance or make it look more attractive. Some owners spend hours tuning up the engine to a fine purr or increase performance and handling, or add to the bodywork to make it look more attractive. There is a whole industry devoted to car modifications, and ways for owners to be more individual. Not many owners keep a car forever, so eventually there will come a time where the modified car which they have poured all their love and effort into needs to be sold. Do modifications positively or negatively affect the price which the seller will be offered?

Modifications and Value

Most second-hand cars which are sold to a new driver are inspected to make sure they are mechanically sound and safe. We Buy Any Car uses the AA Inspection Report system to ensure that all of their used vehicles are assessed using the same standard. This gives the buyer confidence in their purchase, knowing that the same rigorous standards have been applied, and giving increased peace of mind. Any modification on a car can result in flags being recorded against it on the AA inspection. Often, this is to do with the impact the modification has on the car as a whole, however professionally the work has been done. The mechanic assessing the car won’t be able to give an absolute guarantee on the car’s performance in the way it can against a car with no modifications, and will state than in their report.

There is a market for cars which have been modified, so it’s not true to say that they are impossible to sell. However, the market for modified cars is more limited compared with other vehicles which have not been altered from factory standards. Buyers who are considering buying a car which has been altered or modified will be thinking about the following range of factors when making their purchase decision.

All of these factors can make selling a car with modifications tricky. Although there may be nothing wrong with the car, the pool of buyers looking for a similar vehicle can be drastically reduced. The average buyer wants an average, standard car, rather than one which has been modified. If you’re not prepared to wait until the perfect buyer for your car comes along, then the obvious option is to take it to We Buy Any Car instead.

There is no different process for selling modified cars through We Buy Any Car, and the process begins as it would with selling any other car. Start off by entering your car’s registration number on the We Buy Any Car website and after you have provided a few basic details, the site will quote your price in around 30 seconds. After you have received your price online, all you have to do is make an appointment at a time and location convenient to you. This shouldn’t be too tricky as We Buy Any Car have over 475 branches across the UK, so there should be one fairly close by. At the appointment, the assessor can see the modifications made to the car and give a fair valuation. Remember to bring with you any paperwork which you have relating to the work which has been carried out to modify the vehicle, or detailing the parts used.

Category D Cars and We Buy Any Car

One of the main reasons why someone wants to get rid of a vehicle is because it has been damaged, and they feel it is not worth repairing. Insurance companies grade cars which have been subject to insurance claims into various categories, and this determines what happens to them next.

Cars which are listed for sale as Cat C or Cat D obviously have something wrong with them, and this will be clearly reflected in the price you can achieve for sale. Costs of repairing a car which has become damaged may be extremely high. When an insurance company decides whether to “write off” a car, they look at not only at the cost of the parts, but at the time and labour charges too. If they think that these charges could be more than the value of the vehicle it may be classed as a Category D write off, even though it would be relatively straightforward to repair. There is a thriving market for car enthusiasts who snap up Cat D write off cars and spend their own time doing them up as part hobby, part business.

It's fairly clear why a Cat D car is worth less than a similar car which has not been in an accident. The law also requires that people who are selling a Cat D write-off car are open and honest about its past, and this will also be revealed if a potential buyer carries out a HPI check. Buying a Cat D car does involve some degree of risk, even if the damage appears to be purely cosmetic. If you are stuck with a car which has been classed as a Cat D write off, then the best option is usually to negotiate a settlement figure with your insurance company and hand over the keys and paperwork to them. The car then becomes their problem to get rid of. If however you have taken the choice to keep the car, then selling privately can be tricky. Private buyers are very unlikely to want to take the risk of buying this sort of car, preferring to opt for something with a better history and which won’t potentially involve expense for repair. Really, the only people who are going to be willing to take the risk on a Cat D car are people who work in the motor trade and have access to the facilities and expertise to make it roadworthy again.

We Buy Any Car are happy to buy any car – and this includes Category D write-offs. The process is just the same as for buying any other vehicle, so start by entering your registration number on the website. Selling in this way guarantees that you avoid the hassle of trying to find someone to take your car off your hands in the limited pool of buyers for this class of vehicle.

Selling a Category C Write-Off to We Buy Any Car

Category C write off cars are even harder to shift than Category D cars, and this is because there is an extra layer of inspection required before getting the car back on the road. Category C cars are usually more extensively damaged than the Category D vehicles, and as such might cost more to put right. As the C-class write off category indicates that some damage has been done to the structure and chassis work of the vehicle, this is really not a job for the enthusiastic amateur.

A regular buyer is understandably not keen on buying a car which has been written off by the insurance company. They won’t take the time to investigate the reasons for it being written-off, or even think about how much time and effort they are prepared to put into putting it right. They will simply perceive any written-off as too much of a risk and move on to look at something less troublesome. The market value of a car which is a category C write-off can be only 50% of the value of a comparable car without any damage, but it’s not just the price which can make it difficult to sell. For all the reasons explained above, the number of people out there who would consider buying a Category C write-off is low, and you might wait some considerable time until one comes along. If you are intending using the proceeds from selling to put towards your next car, this could mean you are without transport for quite some time.

This is just the main reasons why many owners of these previously written-off vehicles choose to sell their cars through We Buy Any Car. It eliminates all of the hassle and cuts down on the time spent waiting for a buyer. All you need to do to get an almost instant indication of what your car might be worth is to enter its registration number on the We Buy Any Car website, and give some basic personal details. Then arrange an appointment at your nearest We Buy Any Car depot to finalise the deal. The money could be in your back account as little as 30 minutes later.

We Buy Any Selling With Outstanding Finance

Very few people buy a new car outright. Most of us will have a loan or some other sort of finance product on a vehicle, allowing us to spread the cost over several months or even years. Many drivers think that selling a car with outstanding finance is tricky, and it’s certainly true that it can deter some buyers. We Buy Any Car can help negotiate the sales process for you, and are happy to buy cars from you even when there is some finance outstanding.

The process starts in an identical way as it would for a car which is free of finance. Go to the We Buy Any Car website, and enter the registration number of the car you are considering for sale. The site will give you an instant valuation, then you just need to make an appointment to take the car to your local We Buy Any Car office. If you are selling a car with outstanding finance, then the process will vary slightly.

When you arrive at your local branch for your valuation appointment, in addition to the standard paperwork such as the V5 log book and service history, you will need to take a settlement letter from your finance company with you. They should be able to provide you this in a few days after your have requested it by email or phone. We Buy Any Car will want to see two key pieces of information on the settlement paperwork, along with the name and contact details of the company which has financed your vehicle.

These are:

The appointment at the branch to sell a car which has finance on it will start in the same way as any other appointment, by inspecting the car and agreeing on a valuation. If the value agreed for the car is higher than the settlement figure on the paperwork, then We Buy Any Car will pay you the difference between the two amounts. The finance will then be settled with the finance company on your behalf. In the unlikely situation that the outstanding finance is more than the assessed value of the car, then you will have to pay the difference to get rid of the car. Alternatively, you are also free to refuse the offer and keep your car until the finance is paid off.

Selling a Car to We Buy Any Car With Outstanding Hire Purchase Finance

Hire Purchase is different to other types of finance in that the legal owner of the vehicle is the finance company until all the payments have been made. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get out of the agreement though. You have the right to end a hire purchase agreement early by asking the finance company to provide a settlement figure, which will be calculated on the original value of the loan and how many payments you have made against it. The finance company will give you a set period to pay them the settlement figure and bring an end to their agreement with you. After you have settled the finance, you are then the legal owner of the vehicle and are free to sell the vehicle.

Selling a Car with PCP Finance to We Buy Any Car

PCP finance, or personal contract plan, is a different model of buying a car. It involves paying an initial deposit, monthly payments, then at the end of the agreement you have the options of either handing the car back, using its value as the deposit against a new car, or paying off the balloon payment and keeping it. It’s a flexible way of owning a new car which has increased in popularity in recent years.

Cars which are subject to a PCP agreement cannot be legally sold until you have made all the payments or the settlement figure. If you decide part way through a PCP agreement that you want to sell, then the agreement can be terminated early. It is often expensive to do this though, and will only be worth it if the settlement figure which you are given by the PCP company is less than the value of the car. Once the settlement figure has been repaid, you become the legal owner of the car and you are free to what you want with it, whether that is selling it privately, to a dealer, or through We Buy Any Car.

Selling Cars With Other Forms of Finance to We Buy Any Car

Leasing is a popular way of getting a car, but this is really like an extended hire agreement rather than a method of purchasing the car. You still make monthly payments but never become the owner of the vehicle, not even at the end of the agreement. Some leasing companies might offer the opportunity to buy a car at the end of a lease agreement but they don’t have to do this. As under a lease agreement you are never legally the owner of the car, you have no right to sell it at any point, whether to We Buy Any Car or elsewhere.

Personal loans are another common way of financing a car, and are different in that they are not secured upon the car itself. You are the legal owner of the car from day one, and you are free to sell it at any point after that. However, if you have taken out a personal loan to finance the purchase of a car and then sell it, you are still liable for the rest of the loan payments until it is paid off in full. Banks and other financial services companies know that circumstances change and that some customers might want to end an agreement early. In the same way as you can do with other methods of finance, you can call them up to request a settlement figure to get out of the agreement early. Once you have received the figure, you then have around ten days to pay. Paying the finance off early in this way should save you money in the long run as you will save on some of the interest payments.

As you are the legal owner of the car at all points with a personal loan finance agreement, you can bring it along to We Buy Any Car at any stage to sell it. Many customers choose to sell their car, and the get the settlement figure, others already know how much they need to achieve to clear the outstanding finance before choosing to sell. As long as you are clear on your legal and financial obligations, there is really no right and wrong way to go about this. If you are at all confused about which type of finance you have on your car, and what steps you would need to take to get out of the agreement early, just give the finance company’s customer services department a ring and ask. They should be able to explain it to you in full.

FAQs – We Buy Any Car and Cars With Finance

Q: What happens if the value I am quoted for my car is less than the settlement figure the finance company has given me?

A: You can still pay off the finance and free yourself from making the monthly payments. All you need to do is pay the difference to We Buy Any Car using a debit card, and the finance will be paid off for you.

Q: How do I know who I need to speak to in the finance company?

A: There should be contact details on any paperwork you have received from your finance company. Give them a call on their helpline, and tell the call handler that you want to speak to someone about a settlement figure.

We Buy Any Car Valuation – Documents Required

When you go to the We Buy Any Car website and ask for a valuation figure, you won’t require any documents at all. However, if you decide that you want to go ahead with selling your car through We Buy Any Car, then you will need to take basic documents to the appointment with you. You will need your driving licence or another form of photographic ID, the log book (V5 form) for the car, and other paperwork for servicing, MOT or modifications done to the car.

You won’t be able to sell your car though We Buy Any Car if any of these key pieces of documentation is missing, so if you are thinking of selling your car it is sensible to gather together all of these pieces of paper before requesting a price from We Buy Any Car online. If you can’t find something then that doesn’t mean you can’t sell, it just means that you might have to replace your documents first.

Lost Driving Licence

The DVLA are the body in the UK which manage driving licences, and you will need to request a replacement from them. The DVLA are still trying to clear a severe backlog caused by remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic, and it’s always best to use the online services rather than trying to contact them by phone or post. If you have a passport, you can use the photograph on that for your driving licence rather than uploading a new one. A replacement driving licence costs £20, and should arrive in the post in around three weeks.

Lost MOT Certificates

Although in the past selling a car without a MOT certificate was almost impossible, the new online service fort MOT checking means that this piece of paper isn’t as important any more. All MOT information is entered online, and all that the garage issues to the driver is a receipt rather than a full certificate. Prospective buyers can go to the government website and enter the car’s registration number to see the results of previous MOT tests, going back to 2005. If you have certificates older than that, it is unlikely that the buyer is going to be interested in seeing them. If your car does not have a valid MOT when you are trying to sell it, this is obviously going to decrease its value. It might be worth putting your car through its MOT as a valid certificate will result in a better valuation.

Lost Log Book

The log book is the long, brightly coloured form which is also known as the V5C. This form lists all of the key information about the car. It gives the date it was manufactured, the details of the engine and chassis number, and the name and address of the current owners. When you sell a vehicle, there is a section of the V5C which you tear off and return to DVLA, and the new owner completes the rest. This is a vital piece of paper when you are both selling and buying a car, and if you’ve lost yours, then you won’t be able to sell a car without a replacement from the DVLA. This will cost you £25, and again, it’s quickest to request the replacement online.

If you are missing any of the key pieces of paperwork for your car, it can slow up the sales process considerably. Take steps to get replacements as soon as you realise they aren’t where you thought they should be. Although the vast majority of people who come to We Buy Any Car to sell their car are honest and trustworthy, thieves can also be attracted by this quick and easy way of cashing in the value of a car. We Buy Any Car, just as with any other company operating in the used car market, has a legal obligation to make sure that they are dealing with the legal owners of the car in front of them, and the best way of doing this is to see the paperwork and photographic ID for the person selling.

It's equally important to make sure that the details on your V5C are correct as this could also cause problems if the details on the V5C don’t match those on your driving licence, or if you’ve changed your name and it now doesn’t match your documents. These seemingly small issues can cause significant delays if you are trying to sell your car, so it’s best to get everything in order first. 

Selling a Car to We Buy Any Car With a Personalised Plate

One of the main advantages of buying a private or personalised registration number for your car is that this can be transferred from one vehicle to another. Usually, a personalised registration is chosen because that particular combination of numbers and letters has meaning for the owner. If you want to sell a car which has a personalised plate to We Buy Any Car, that doesn’t mean that you have to relinquish your personal plate too. There are however a couple of extra steps which you will need to go through first.

Retaining a Personalised Plate When Selling A Car

The most common scenario is that a driver wants to sell the car, but wants to keep their personalised plate to use on the next car which they purchase. If this matches your situation, then you need to fill out the V317 form, which you can access through the government website. Give all the details which the form asks for, and pay the fee of £80 to the DVLA to process the transfer. This allows you retain the rights to use the numberplate in the future, and assign it to another vehicle. The DVLA will issue a V778 retention form which you will need to use to put the number onto a different car.

This needs to be done before you decide to either sell or scrap your car. If you transfer the ownership of the vehicle before you get the retention form back in the post from the DVLA, you will lose the rights to use your personalised plate. Some personalised plates can be very expensive, so make sure you are very clear about the process before considering a sale. Check with DVLA if there is anything which you need to be clarified.

Assigning a Personalised Numberplate to a New Vehicle

If you have bought a new registration plate, or have rights to one which has been taken off a previous vehicle, then you will need the V778 or V750 form to show the DVLA. These pieces of paperwork show that you have the right to use the numberplate, and assign it to another car which you have purchased. If you are buying a new car from a dealership, they will be able to use this paperwork to put the registration straight onto a new car. Just make sure that you follow the correct process for removing the registration plate from one car and putting it onto another or in the worst-case scenario, you risk losing the rights to it completely.

Can I Put a Personalised Registration on a Car Which is Leased or Financed?

Whether or not you can put a personalised plate onto a car which is leased or financed will depend on the policies of the finance company concerned. Some lease companies or PCP companies will be happy to allow you to use your own private registration on a leased or financed car, often on the payment of an admin fee. Others will not allow you to change the registration plate at all. If keeping your registration number is something which is very important for you, then it’s worth checking out the situation before signing on the dotted line for any finance agreement.

We Buy Any Car Near Me – All the Basics

We know there is a lot to consider when trading in your old car and getting a new one. We Buy Any Car is just one of the options for selling your car, albeit one of the simplest and least complex. In order to help you make your decision about how to achieve the best price for your car with the last hassle possible, here is a quick reminder of the key points to think about. Use this checklist to evaluate other companies which are offering to buy your car, and see how the service they offer stacks up against what We Buy Any Car can do for you locally.


We Buy Any Car will buy cars even when there is finance outstanding, and will settle that finance for you. All they need to be able to do this is a recent letter from the company which has provided the finance, giving the details of the settlement figure, and the reference number for your account or agreement. The amount of finance outstanding will be deducted from the price paid to you. For example, your car might be valued at £6000, and there is outstanding finance of £3500. We Buy Any Car will pay the £3500 to the finance company to clear your account, and you will receive the balance of £2500 directly into your bank account. This process is completed in 4 working days.

If you owe the finance company more than the car is worth, then that doesn’t mean you can’t sell it. You will just have to make up the shortfall by credit or debit car at the time We Buy Any Car purchase your vehicle.


We Buy Any Car will still buy cars which won’t start, aren’t safe to drive or which are under a SORN – statutory off-road notification. However, the company doesn’t have a collection service for this type of vehicle, so it is up to you as a seller to find a pick-up truck or other method of transport to get the car to your nearest We Buy Any Car office. You should also make it clear at the time of the online valuation that the car is a non-runner, as this fact will affect the valuation which you are offered. There is a space for “other information” after you fill in the basics for the valuation, and this is where you should declare known issues with the car. The SORN status automatically expires with the sale of the vehicle, so you don’t need to take any separate steps to inform the DVLA that you are selling the car or cancelling the SORN status.

Cars Needing Repair

We Buy Any Car will happily buy cars which are damaged and in need of mechanical or bodywork repairs. When you are completing the online valuation it is important that you are open and up-front about any work which the car might need as the amount of work required will affect the amount you can be offered. When you complete the quote, the We Buy Any Car site presents you with a list of assumptions which We Buy Any Car makes, and if anything isn’t correct, you can click to make changes and tell them about any faults and damage. A new quote is then generated based on the information you have given. Being honest about the state of the car and the faults will result in a realistic value, given the condition.

Personal Documents

No car buying service, We Buy Any Car included, will allow you to sell a vehicle without first confirming that you have the legal right to sell. The standard documentation which you are expected to be able to provide is:

MOT Status

We Buy Any Car will buy cars which have no MOT at all, or which only have a few months to run on an existing MOT. However, a lack of MOT, or a MOT with a very short period to run might affect the valuation so it’s best to declare this at the outset. Remember, MOT tests only affect cars which are three years or older, so won’t apply to people selling cars which haven’t reached that age.

After you have completed the car’s basic information on the We Buy Any Car valuation page, click on the button under the list of assumptions which have been made about the car. There will be a link to a page about MOT, where you can update the information about when the previous certificate expired.

Selling A Company Car

We Buy Any Car doesn’t just purchase from private individuals, and will happily buy from companies and organisation too. Get the valuation in the usual way, but be aware that there is extra paperwork required to sell a company vehicle, including:

If any other documents are needed then the branch will inform you of this before you attend for your sales appointment.

What Do I Do If I Can’t Find the Details of My Car?

The We Buy Any Car database holds details of every make and model of car made in the UK since 1982. If you can’t find information online about your car then there are three main reasons for this:

If the car is classed as a commercial vehicle, then try sister site WeBuyAnyVan instead for a price quote. In other situations, give the We Buy Any Car customer services team a ring and tell them about the make, model and condition of your car. They might not be able to give an instant quote, but guarantee to get back to you. If you can’t find an exact match for your car online, don’t be tempted to choose the next best or nearest model to get an online valuation for your car. The price you are given won’t be accurate unless all of the details match correctly.

The We Buy Any Car database is regularly updated to ensure that the prices quoted online are as accurate as possible. The online valuation is not a contract though, and it is not until you attend the We Buy Any Car site and have your car inspected that the final price can be agreed. If the in-person inspection reveals discrepancies between the details entered online and the reality of the car, or the car has been customised or modified, this could affect the valuation. We Buy Any Car are not in the business of ripping people off; they want to send their customers away happy, and willing to return should they need to sell another car through the business in the future.

We Buy Any Car’s Sister Site – WeBuyAnyVan

The We Buy Any Car business, as the name suggests, was set up to trade in cars only. If you are thinking of selling a commercial vehicle such as a van, then you will have to use their sister site, WeBuyAnyVan. Selling used vans is a crowded marketplace. Smaller commercial vehicles have become far more popular than larger heavy goods vehicles – they are more economic to run, and many of the smaller vans don’t require drivers to have special driving licences either. Vans are becoming an increasingly common site on British roads – in 2017, light commercial vehicles such as vans covered a staggering 48.5 billion miles in the UK.

The easiest way of working out what your van is worth is by using WeBuyAnyVan’s online valuation tool, which will give a figure in under 30 seconds. There are other ways of calculating the value of a commercial vehicle too, such as checking out what is on sale in local dealers or in the major car tracing websites. The internet makes this sort of comparison easier than ever, but it can still be fairly time consuming, especially when you have a business to run.

Preparing Your Commercial Vehicle for Sale

Any van driver wants the maximum amount possible for their old van, to minimise the cost of purchasing a new one. Although there’s not much an individual van owner can do to affect the price you are offered. Even doing the basics like giving it a good clean inside and out and making it look its best will bump up the price. After you’ve spruced it up, make sure you have all the essential paperwork which is needed to sell your van through WeBuyAnyVan, or to any other private buyer.

Options for Selling Your Van

WeBuyAnyVan isn’t the only option for selling your van. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method. Before deciding what is the right option for you and your circumstances, here are the pros and cons of the various methods.